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The Network realizes the need to be technologically up bit  and makes use of various media platforms to convey varied messages.These include but, not limited to radio and television shows, face book, twitter, blogs, research and documentation. Online campaigns such as the #SmartGirls, #BringbacthespiritofActivism and #SayYes! Have successfully been run. Female students interact and share information, stories of change through these platforms so as to inspire, motivate and encourage each other. Through researching, the Network gets insight on areas that need intervention thus forming the basis female students driven initiatives.


  • To generate knowledge on pertinent issues affecting female students and get buy in from the general public

We recorded an insurgence in the reporting of cases on Sexual Violence as well as other Socio-Economic Problems at our offices. As a pro-active and reactive organization we were quick to notice this as a programming gap that we could redress even without the requisite resources. The human rights perspective and our Smart Girls Model mirrored our perceptions regarding this matter, we could not just sit back whilst female students where suffering. We used to offer psycho-social service through referral systems but, the female students kept coming back citing that most of the organizations we referred them to were not student oriented and grouped them along with other women as a homogeneous group. A concern that resulted in us actioning an idea we had always envisioned of setting up a one stop center which is a safety net for female students across Zimbabwe.It is against this background that a psycho-social department was established in 2016.

Female students are and still suffer very much from Gender Based Violence including Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence as evidenced by the report we receive daily at our offices. The psycho-social department is overwhelmed in terms of limited operational space and resources which calls for a continuous strategic partnership.FSNT is committed to this work and will continue to ensure that the mandate we have of creating safe and conducive learning environments is met.


  • To facilitate female students’ access to psycho-social, sexual healthy issues, legal aid and other relevant support service

Women’s participation in leadership of student bodies

We believe in Leadership that brings women empowerment. FSNT aims at producing female students who are leaders in their own right that recreate history and remain authentic to themselves.A holistic approach is employed using the SmartGirls Model aimed at harnessing the capacity of any female student within tertiary learning environments by empowering them in all aspects to become SMART.

The concept not only speaks to intellectual capacity but, relevance in post academic disengagement and sustainable self-sustenance of female students. An approach that questions the status quo and challenges gender stereotypes embedded within society to become gender sensitive and more responsive to the needs of female students.FSNT also avails support for campaign materials and manifesto development.


To facilitate increased participation of female students in decision making positions of Student Representative Councils (SRC) and other student bodies

Female students can not be divorced from all women globally.They are drawn from the greater majority and have human as well as women rights that need to be upheld. FSNT empowers female students about theirs rights as well as the responsibilities that come with these rights.Great importance is placed on the recognition of International , Regional and National Statutory Instruments that uphold women’s rights within higher institutions of learning. The Network castigates any violation of female students rights as well as all women in the world.In this regard the Network has been instrumental in generating knowledge of female students rights through marches , community engagements and public lectures.

FSNT is currently advancing Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of female students in TEI’s specifically targeting Sexual Violence.


  • To increase the level of women’s and human rights awareness amongst female students in tertiary education institutions

What is it?

Our policy advocacy program lobby government ministries to ensure that institutional policies of Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) are more gender sensitive. FSNT engages parliamentarians, line ministries, ministers, college authorities and relevant stakeholders through varied interfaces. Dialogue is employed to discuss and review policies through presentation of pertinent matters before different parliamentary portfolios. These authorities are invited to actively participate in the Network’s programs at grassroots level so that they have a vivid understanding of the realities on the ground. It is also a conducive platform that FSNT has managed to create for female students to interact with these authorities and air out their concerns. In 2015, the Network carried out a National Baseline Survey on Sexual Harassment in TEIs in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces. Key findings showed that of the sampled TEIs only 4 had Sexual Harassment Policies and one a draft. Male lectures were found to be the major perpetrators. Current efforts are directed at advocacy for the formulation and effective implementation of Sexual Harassment Policies within TEI’s.


To advocate for gender sensitive policies and practices of Student Representative Councils (SRCs) and other student bodies in tertiary Education

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